Mortgage Litigation Lawyers

Actively Fighting Against Creditors Who Violate The Law

At Sheehan Law Firm, our mortgage litigation attorneys are dedicated to defending homeowners from all walks of life who are in danger from corrupt or greedy lenders. We are vigilant participants in the war against mortgage companies that march through Mississippi and foreclose on people at will.

You have legal rights even if you are in debt. Whether you fell behind on your home loan or not, your mortgage company must obey the law. When mortgage companies or other secured creditors violate the law, we are here to challenge them in court and defend your interests.

Putting Our Detailed Legal Knowledge To Work For You

We keep abreast of the most current state and federal consumer laws and legal strategies, and we have experience with all types of bankruptcy litigation and Fair Debt Collection claims. One of our attorneys, Patrick Sheehan, has been the State Chairman of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) since 2009.

Together, we know what kind of creditor violations to watch for and how to promptly combat those violations. If your mortgage company failed to follow the rules or violated its own requirements — and many of them do — we have legal recourse. We are also skilled in forcing lenders to shoulder the burden of proof. If they cannot produce the required evidence, they cannot win the case against you.

We handle cases involving:

  • Mortgage lending abuse or predatory lending
  • Secured interest
  • Escrow account fraud
  • Settlement charges and document fees
  • Pre-payment penalties

Foreclosure Fraud And Rescue Scams

Our Gulf Coast lawyers work diligently to uncover foreclosure fraud and to defend our clients against predatory lending. We take every opportunity to place your opposition on the defensive. In some cases, a successful counterclaim can even stop a foreclosure and require the lender to pay you damages.

As experienced Mississippi attorneys, we are also skilled in helping homeowners who have fallen prey to mortgage foreclosure rescue scams. These scams cheat hardworking individuals out of thousands of dollars and only increase their chances of losing their homes. Scams include phony bailouts, bait and switch ploys and counterfeit "loan modification specialists."

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